Rules Of the School
  1. Every pupil must have a copy of the school calendar which should be brought to school daily.
  2. Every pupil is expected to be in time for general assembly at 8.25 am.
  3. At the first stroke of the bell i.e., 8-30 am. every pupil should be in her place in class and keep strict silence, likewise at 12.35 pm for the Afternoon session
  4. It is strictly compulsory for every pupil to come to school in full school uniform including the badge. Pupils must come to school clean and tidy or else they will be sent home.
  5. Any damage or destruction to the school building, school property and equipment is liable to penalty.
  6. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody to their books and belongings.
  7. No pupil is allowed to use Gold & Covering ornaments.
  8. During recess, no pupil is to remain in any of the class rooms.
  9. No books, periodicals or magazines of any description not approved, may be brought into the school premises without the consent of the principal.
  10. Running about and screaming in the classrooms and verandah is strictly forbidden.
  11. Only English should be spoken within the school premises.
  12. It is a serious offence for the day scholars to perform outside errands for the boarders, such as carrying messages, letters or making purchases.
  13. Pupils misbehaving in the school bus will not be permitted to travel in the bus. Fee once remitted will not be repaid.
  14. No pupil should disturb other classes at work on the filmsy plea of borrowing a pen, pencil or book from her friend.
  15. Collecting donations or selling tickets for any purpose require principal's sanction.
  16. When a teacher enters or leaves the class, pupils are expected to stand up as a sign of respect. Pupils should stand at attention and greet any teacher they happen to meet anywhere.
  17. Scribbling on walls or furniture is strictly forbidden. Waste paper and skins of fruits should be thrown into the basket and not on the ground.
  18. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview teachers during school hours without the written permission of the principal.
  19. Any communication request or complaint made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher.
  20. No gift to the teachers is allowed without the previous consent of the school authority.
  21. Parents are requested not to take their children during working hours for every social functions.
  22. No leave of absence is granted except for grave and valid reasons which must be stated in the application for leave to the Principal. Oral messages will not be accepted. Pupils absent on the re-opening day without medical certificate will have to pay a fine of ten rupees, similarly after special holidays also.
  23. Irregular attendance, habitual want of application, obscenity in words or acts, insubordination to teachers and any kind of cheating or serious misconduct or any habit or behaviour objectionable to the good tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.
  24. The school office will work during the school days from 8-30 am to 11.55 am & 12.35 pm to 4.00 pm.


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