We, the sisters of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, are the followers of St. Francis and St. Clare. St. Francis of Assisi and his follower St. Clare, bearing witness to the poverty and humility of Christ, laid the foundation of a new form of life based on the Gospel. To him it was 'My God is My all*. On Mount Alvernia, the seraphic saint Francis was enlightened and received on his body the stigmata, that is, the Five wounds of the Divine Redeemer, as a reward for his faithful imitation of Christ.
The Franciscan spirit which blossomed in the 13th century diffused its fragrance to all parts of the world. Consequently, bathing in its scent, our congregation, slowly opened out its petals in little Kerala on December 14th 1888.

1. Loyalty to the Church
2. The ascetic humble life
3. Franciscan Fraternity
4. Liberty of Spirit and Joy


One little seed from the Franciscan plant found its soil in Coimbatore and the spade work for a Matriculation School was initiated by Rt. Rev. Dr. George Alapatt, the then Bishop of Trichur, Rev. Mother Alberta and her councillors, the then governing body of our province. The pioneer sisters, Sr. Annie Xavier, Sr. Melita, Sri Anna Clara, Sr. Harold, Sr. Adelaide and Mrs. Barbara John stepped into a rented house on 20th June 1966 at Ramanathapuram and started the school with 7 babies. Alvernia moved to the present site on 2nd April 1967. God's blessings fell in showers and Alvernia bloomed with the help and the whole hearted co-operation of our benefactors and well-wishers. Now, a few of them may be looking now with pride at the fruit of their efforts from their heavenly abode.To them we raise our hands in prayer and thanksgiving
The Alvemians owe their allegiance and respect to the Management and to Rev. Sr. Adelaide, the-present Principal, for their utmost interest and care in enhancing the academic brilliance to its present status. Very diligently they have steered the boat through the calm and troubled ocean of life for twenty five long years.


1966 - June 20th - School started.
1969 - June 23rd - Recognition of the school.
1973 - First batch of students pass out.
1973 - Home for the aged started.
1978 - Upgraded to Higher Secondary.
1983 - Our Principal Rev. Sr. Jane Frances was given the State award for the
best teacher,
1984 - Retirement of Rev. Sr. Jane Frances.
Rev. Sr. Adelaide takes over as Principal. 1991 - Silver Jubilee. Year.


Alvernia Matric. Hr. Sec. School
Ramanathapuram, Trichy Road,
Coimbatore - 641045.
: 0422-2316205
: alvernia.school@gmail.com
: www.alverniaschool.com
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