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Home The Alvernia Matriculation Higher Secondary School, a recognised educational institution, under the Government of Tamil Nadu was started on followers of St. Francis of Assisi, We give stress to Christ centered Life, Universal Brotherhood and Joyful service to humanity without any distinction of Religion, Caste and Creed. The simple, humble way of St. Francis goes with the Indian concept "Plain living and high Thinking."

Our Educational apostolate aims at the formation of the human person with deep rooted faith in God, an affectionate love for his brethren and loyalty to the nation. To impart sound formation - religious, mental, moral, social and physical...
Prayer to St. Clare
Home Glorious St. Clare of Assisi, we honor you for the unfailing faith that made you reject all earthly pleasures and renounce all your possessions.

We honour you for your life of extreme poverty and austerity and for your prayer...
Prayer to St. Alphonsa
Home Triune God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit who dwells always in our hearts, we adore you and praise you. We thank you for your infinite compassion for crowing St. Alphonsa as the first woman Saint of the Indian Church, who bloomed in the soil of Kerala as a passion...
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